Birmingham Eats: Rojo

One of my favorite restaurants to go to during the summer is Rojo, found in Highland Ave of downtown Birmingham. The Latin American restaurant and bar provide a fanned patio for lazy summer nights and a sports bar interior for watching the World Cup and upcoming Summer Olympics.

It’s a relaxed and easy atmosphere, and while most of the staff is younger, there is always a wide range of patrons turning up with  tacos and margaritas.They offer both a Latin and American menu, as well as special Gluten Free options.

My favorite weekend feat gainz treat is tacos, and Rojo never disappoints. I order them with corn tortillas to stay gluten free and extra avocado on top to get them gainz, and because avocado.

The orders come with two tacos, rice, and beans, and I usually order two or three different taco plates to feel full, but not overstuffed. My favorite tacos are the Bandito- grilled chicken with a spicy sauce (I recommend adding guacamole on top to cool the heat without losing flavor)- and the Jalapeno BLT- jalapeno bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado slices.

In my opinion, they are the most flavorful and creative. I’ve also had the Tomatillo tacos, and while they were spicy, they weren’t very flavorful. It was like eating spicy cardboard. But someone who is accustomed to eating tomatillos may enjoy them. One man’s spicy cardboard is another man’s taco euphoria.


Rojo- Tacos 2
all of the tacos
Rojo- Tomatillo 2
Tomatillo Tacos, tomatillo sauce
Rojo- Jalapeno BLT 3
Jalapeno BLT Tacos, spicy ranch

A quick note on the margaritas- don’t let the size fool you. They’re about 12oz, so you may think you need to order about 5 of them. Don’t make that mistake. There is a lot going on in that small glass, and you will be sitting at Rojo for a bit if you do. Just warning you.

Rojo 1


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