Birmingham Eats: Wasabi Juan’s

One of the newer additions to downtown Birmingham’s 3rd Ave is Wasabi Juan’s. This small eatery is cater-corner to Avendale Brewery, making it a perfect place to pop in for a bite before checking out the night life.

This restaurant hosts a Mexican menu with an Asian flair, offering nachos, tacos, and the beloved sushirrito- a sushi burrito. The sushirritos are offered raw or cooked, and for half the price extra, they will “Godzilla” it and make the sushirrito twice as big.

To me, the sushirrio is the perfectly balanced macros meal- it has protein, fat, and carbs rolled up into one (or two) beautiful burrito. I got a side of cucumber salad for a little extra greenage, and it definitely enhanced the Asian flair of the meal. Every order also comes with house-made chips and salsa, if you want some extra carbs.

Being a hard gainer, I would definitely recommend having the roll “Godzilla”ed, as I will be doing that the next time I go. The sushirrito was a good size for an average meal, and would be good if you’re hitting the town afterwards, but since I’m on the gainz train, I need a little extra fuel.

It’s definitely a different experience going out to eat with specific goals (eat all of the things and make all of the gainz), but with a little forethought and effort, it is totally possible to not only accomplish but enjoy.

Wasabi Juan's 1Wasabi Juan's 2Wasabi Juan's 4




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