Rx Bars Review

One of the newest additions to my snack routine is the Rx bar. For someone who is constantly trying to get more food in, these bars make eating for gainz portable and easy.

My favorite feature of the bars is that there are no b.s. ingredients added to them, yet they aren’t lacking in fuel or flavor. They are similar to the larabar- usually six or less natural ingredients- but hold 12 grams of protein per bar.

The benefit of them being “clean ingredients” is that these bars can be enjoyed during most paleo and clean eating challenges, and in the daily “real foods” lifestyle. Most bars make you sacrifice either simple ingredients or protein quantity.

An added bonus is that the protein comes from egg whites, so anyone with a dairy intolerance can enjoy them. It offers a different variety of nutrients from the typical grilled chicken breast and whey protein shake. There is nothing wrong with that; that’s a typical day for me, honestly. But, these bars give me a chance to get a wider variety of whole foods in.

The bars themselves come in a myriad of flavors. I have tried the mint chocolate, dark chocolate sea salt, chocolate coconut, and chocolate coffee. Yes, all of the chocolate bars. The upside is that there is no soy, and the chocolate is all derived from cacao.

They also offer blueberry, apple spice, and pumpkin pie. Every bar has gotten rave reviews, but fruity bars just don’t do it for me. The chocolate sea salt has been my favorite so far, because I need salty with my sweet, and there are actual salt flakes that add a nice texture.

The texture of the bars is much like larabars, so beware of leaving them in the sun/ hot car/ sweaty gym. They can get gooey and stay for later in your teeth. Just a heads up on the texture aspect. I store mine in the freezer, and grab them about an hour before chow-time, or as I am heading out the door.

I have yet to see them in stores, but I have had no problem getting every flavor off of Amazon. I buy everything in bulk, because bulk=more food=gainz train, and so I order two or three boxes of different flavors at a time. I have them Amazon Prime two-day shipped to my house, and there has never been any problem with my order.

They may look expensive, and unfortunately quality food costs more. But, the average cost for one bar is $1.74 when they are on sale, and that happens every few weeks. I just make sure to buy enough to hold me over for a while.

Overall, these bars offer a variety of protein and an even balance of macros in a portable bar. They have become a staple in my daily diet, and I highly recommend giving them a try.

Rx Bars

Rx Bars:

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