Gainz Hack: Drybrushing

When people want to jump on the gainz train, they tend to only focus on diet and exercise. Those are the two most important factors, in my opinion, but there are so many things to do to take care of our bodies as we go through these changes.

Even positive changes can be stressful on the body, and proper recovery is pertinent to long-lasting success.

One way I prioritize recovery and take care of my body as muscles grow and gainz are made is by dry brushing, also known as dry skin brushing, once a day. Dry brushing is literally brushing the skin with a coarse body brush, brushing towards the heart in a circular motion.

There are a few reasons why I prioritize brushing my skin. First, it stimulates the lymphatic system. Basically, it helps release toxins and wastes built up in the body. I don’t have time to get sick, but I also don’t have time to do a major detox. A little bit of detox dry brushing works best with my lifestyle, and, knock on wood, I’ve yet to take a sick day from the gym.

Along with the stimulation of the lymphatic system, it increases circulation. This is important, because it helps blood flow all through my body and to my recovering muscles. I’ve also had poor circulation in the past, and dry brushing has helped my normal everyday circulation.

Third, dry brushing can help people trying to lose cellulite through exercise and diet. It can help soften fat stores, making them easier to break down. Along with cellulite, it can help diminish stretch marks. Dry brushing is exfoliating the skin, and it enhances the speed of regrowth of fresh, healthy skin.

Lastly, I use dry brushing to help with digestion. I’m in the category of a “hard gainer”, and I often have to eat a little past the point of comfort. It’s the decision I’ve made, and being a little uncomfortable has been worth all of the progress I have made.

But, every little trick is helpful, and dry brushing greatly increases digestion, making life a little more comfortable, especially right before a workout or bed. I simply dry brush across my stomach in a clockwise rotation for a few minutes. Easy as that.

While I don’t dry brush religiously, I try to make sure it happens 5 times a week. I always dry brush right before taking a shower, while the skin is still dry. I start with my feet and work my way up, brushing towards my heart.

It can take a good 5 minutes to do, but the results have been worth the small time commitment. YouTube offers a lot of great resources on how to dry brush if you want  step by step instructions. I got my dry brush off of Amazon, but you can also find them in health food stores.

Diet and exercise will give you the biggest results, but if you aren’t taking care of your body outside of the gym, the stress and side effects will begin to show.

My dry brush//





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