Active Recovery

Usually by the middle ochewaclaf the week, I start to feel all of the two-a-day workouts. Sometimes it only takes one metcon a day for my body to feel wrecked. I prioritize mobility, do Romwods every day, but that isn’t always enough.

I’ve worked out long enough to recognize when I’m injured, and when I am just paralyzingly sore. When I reach that level of sore, I know I don’t need to push my body in the gym, but no movement at all also makes the situation worse.

Not moving the muscles around leaves them stiff and knotted, and basically makes a rest day unbeneficial. I still feel like dog poop during the metcon the next day. So, I prioritize active recovery.

To me, active recovery is a low impact activity in longer duration. It’s usually all of the outdoor activities that I love to do, and I use Crossfit and the strength I gain from it to enjoy these activities to their fullest capacity.

My favorite active recovery days include:
walking in the park with my dog
hiking for a few hours
paddle boarding
riding my bike around town
yoga/ longer romwod

At the end of the day, anything that gets me outside and moving around leaves me feeling happy and whole. If I can get my whole body moving, and enjoy the day and what I’m doing, then I’m actively recovering and fully living.


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