Hangover Helpers

I’m in college, I’m 21, and I never say “no” to margaritas. So obviously, hangovers are a regular occurrence in my life. My food intake is top notch. Whole foods, clean, gluten free, all that jazz. My liquid consumption on the other hand… there’s really no moderation.

Which I’m fine with. I don’t do beer, and I don’t consume super sugary cocktail drinks, so my insides don’t totally die. But Saturdays and Sundays are usually spent recovering from the night/ day before.

On Saturday mornings, my Crossfit gym has one morning class, so I always show up to get my sweat on and detox all the shit from the night before. As uncomfortable as it may feel in the moment, working out does wonders for my hangovers.

It gets my body moving, my blood pumping, and the booze from the night before sweated out of my system. And if I throw up, at least whatever it was is out of my system. It doesn’t have to be crazy intense. I just need to get my heart rate up a little. Even if I simply row or run a mile, I feel better.

I also drink as much water as I can shove into my body. I keep a water bottle in my hands the whole day, and drink up to the point that I feel like I could burst like a water balloon. My favorite choice is Smartwater,  since it gives my body a boost of electrolytes.

My other favorite drink is GT’s ginger kombucha. The ginger and fizzy carbonation soothe my stomach, the kombucha has electrolytes and gut-healing probiotics, getting a jumpstart on repairing the damage that booze does to my insides.

If my muscles feel tight or crampy, I take a magnesium pill, and I also make a “hangover helper” smoothie. I combine:

1 frozen banana (potassium for muscle recovery)

1 scoop collagen peptides (for gut-health and easy digestible protein)

Himalayan pink sea salt (for rehydration)

1 cup almond milk + 1 tsp vanilla extract (for flavor)

Finally, I take care to rest and recover. I go for walks in the sun, stretch and roll out, and nap like it’s a full time job. I plop on the couch with a TV series and my water bottle/ kombucha/ hangover smoothie, and just become completely useless to the world. And by Monday morning, I’m ready to bounce back to the real world.

Kombucha + Hangover Smoothie
Kombucha + Hangover Smoothie



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