Auburn Eats: Crepe Myrtle Cafe

I’m all about that resting brunch face. Brunching is one of my favorite activities. It could almost be considered a sport. You have to create your team of brunchers, scout out a location, and beat out other brunchers for the best table. Wait too late, and suddenly it’s lunch. Time is of the essence.

One of my favorite brunch spots in Auburn, AL is Crepe Myrtle Café. They have coffee, gluten free crepes- both savory and sweet- and a famers market on the side. They also have a lunch menu of frittatas, soups and sandwiches, but the crepes are the only menu item that hold my interest.

The crepes don’t automatically come gluten free, but they have a gluten free crepe batter, and are able to make any crepe to-order. They serve local coffees and teas, and all the produce is from local farmers.

Like I mentioned, part of the café is a farmers market, with local produce, a wall of homemade preserves, pickles and jams, and homemade butters and yogurts. I feel like a kid in a candy shop there.

I lurrrvvvv the savory crepes there. I’ve never actually had one of the sweet crepes, because I’ve just had no interest in them. The savory crepes range from Italian flourentine to Mexican fajita to seasonal veggies. They also have crepes with just scrambled eggs and bacon, if you’re just really needing some protein.

My favorite crepe there is the Green Eggs and Ham crepe. It has ham, scrambled eggs and house-made pesto. Pretty much the tastiest thing ever. And they wrap them up like a crepe waffle cone, so I don’t feel socially awkward trying to eat them. As much time I spend shoveling food into my mouth, I spend just as much of it cleaning food out of my clothes.

To sum it up, if you ever make a trip out to Auburn and need a brunch/ lunch/ farm-to-table/ gluten free eatery, 10/10 highly recommend Crepe Myrtle Café.




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