Review: Ona Cookies

Having celiac disease makes finding good desserts hard. Being the only one with a diagnosis in my family makes getting dessert even harder. And, in my humble opinion, a lot of gluten free desserts found in grocery stores taste like garbage.

They do not taste like the cookies and brownies that I grew up with. Because, duh, they aren’t overflowing with gluten. I crave those desserts mostly for the childhood memories. And a lot of times because my family eats A LOT of desserts, and 99.999% of the time I can’t join in with them.

Usually I can shrug it off, since I don’t crave the dessert, I crave the inclusion with my family. But sometimes I just want to join everyone else around the dessert table, and that’s where Ona cookies have helped save the day.

They’re portable, shelf-stable and come in single-serving packs. Oh, and they’re made of 100% whole foods ingredients. The company sweetens their cookies with honey and maple syrup, which yes it still sugar, just less industrially processed, and easier for the body to process.

They aren’t what I grew up with, I’m not going to lie. Nothing will compete with those glutenous goodies. But these are some of the best-tasting gluten free and “paleo” (as if cavemen actually ate dessert… just think about that…) that I’ve had.

What I love most about them is that they just chill in my pantry. I don’t have to worry about eating a whole batch of cookies in two days or throwing food away, which is a pet peeve of mine. My family is very much disinterested in gluten free anything, so if I make a gluten free dessert, I’m responsible for eating the whole thing.

And gluten free baking materials are expensive AF. So these cookies fit perfectly into my life. I highly suggest ordering the sample box with two packs of every flavor, since it is the same price as a box of one flavor, and this way you can sample to find your favorite one.

And yes, they have peanut butter cookies, so if you’re a Paleo purist just give them away to someone who likes peanut butter. It’s only two packs of cookies, not a big deal.

One word on the texture of these cookies- they’re extremely soft, like shortbread cookies. This surprised me, since most grocery store gluten free cookies taste hard as cardboard. But these are soft, melt-in-your-mouth moments of heaven. Unless you don’t like shortbread. Then go eat your cardboard cookies.

Overall, I think Ona cookies are amazing to have on hand, stashed in a pantry or in a suitcase or wherever a cookie craving overtakes you. They allow me to stay included when I’m with my dessertivore family, and my body still feels good after eating them. So if you’re looking for a good gluten free dessert that doesn’t leave you eating a whole batch of cookies, then look into trying Ona cookies.



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