Review: Eat the Yolks

Whole foods are the shit. Eating minimally processed, real food is a passion of mine. And that passion was reignited when I recently read the book “Eat the Yolks” by Liz Wolfe.

The book is full of easily-understood nutritional breakdown, the history of the food industry and wittingly-incorporated pop culture references to keep it from feeling like a science textbook. It’s like that quirky history teacher back in high school who played history channel episodes that lined up with the textbook. It’s learning, but its FUN, and you want to be there.

I am nowhere near being a fast reader, but I quickly tore the book apart in two days. And I want more. I know there are plenty of other paleo resources, but no one writes their book like they’re talking to their bff. The book is written so personably, and I felt no judgement or shame from my previous journey of a relationship with the processed food industry.

One of my favorite qualities of the book is that it is written with a whole foods mindset. Liz uses the term “paleo” throughout the book, but it isn’t a paleo purist list of do’s and dont’s. The essence I get from the book is whole foods, not a diet.

I identify with the Paleo lifestyle, focusing on playing and getting outside, exploring, and getting to know my farmer. But I eat a “whole foods diet”, and I think this book explains this idea perfectly. I would give this book to anyone who hates on the term “paleo”, because although the term is used throughout the book, the stereotypical “paleo mindset” is not.

Liz explains the history of the processed food industry and the impact these corporations have on everybody today. She gives the information and lets the reader decided what they want to do with it. And to me, that is the best kind of informational book out there.



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