Review: Epic Bars

I love new adventures, but getting there is my least favorite activity. The travel leaves my body tight, my sleep cycle is disrupted and food on the road is less than ideal. I have goals and gainz that I aim for, and I don’t want to lose my progress by traveling or lose travel opportunities just for a goal, even if it isn’t “just a goal”.

It’s expensive to eat lots of quality food that’s road trip friendly, I’ll be honest. Eating clean while on a mass gaining program will always be expensive. But it is important to me, and my health is a priority to me, so I find a way to make it a priority. Which is why I always keep my pantry stocked with Epic Bars.

Epic Bars are high quality jerky bars, with meats ranging from chicken to pork to salmon. They literally have every meat you can think of. Turkey, lamb, liver, and recently venison and boar. These meats are grass fed and wild caught, and are cured with the simplest ingredients. There are no unpronounceable fillers or additives, which is noticeable in the amazing taste.

The bars can sub as a snack or additional protein on the road. They aren’t full macro meals, since they are lower in fat, and the carbohydrates range from 3 to 20 grams, depending on the bar. But it’s a great source of protein, and helps hold me over in the car until we can get to a decent restaurant.

The bars can be found at most natural groceries with the rest of the snack/ protein bars. You can also order them online. You can order off of their website, or off of Amazon.

I always order boxes of the bars on Amazon, since I get boxes of 12 bars at a time (because buying in bulk saves money) and get my Amazon Prime free two-day shipping. My favorites flavors to order are the wild caught salmon and the sriracha chicken (beware, it’s got a kick).

Like I previously mentioned, eating clean isn’t cheap. But when you look at the quality of the ingredients and the ease of mind I get knowing I have quality protein on hand, for all that you get they are definitely worth the price.

This company is doing amazing work providing great portable protein sources with clean ingredients. It’s a hard industry to stay afloat in, yet they are constantly thriving and producing new material. I have no ties with the company, this is just a product I absolutely love and advocate.

So the next time you have a road trip, long plane ride or just need emergency , quality protein with an extended shelf life, check out Epic Bars. This way, you can continue to reach your goals without restraints.


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