Birmingham Eats: Taco Mama

Mexican food is one of my four main food groups. I am literally always in the mood for Mexican food, whether it be authentic or tex-mex. It’s easy to stay gluten free and mainly paleo, and menus are relatively predictable and easy to navigate.

Sometimes I want faster food without it being “fast food”, but Chipotle doesn’t have a bar. Which is where Taco Mama comes in handy. It’s as quick as Chipotle, but with twice the toppings, which are all free. Yes, the guac is NOT extra. You build your taco, burrito or burrito bowl with your choice from 9 different meats, then add as many free toppings as you want. That deal is just asking for beautiful creations.


On Tuesdays, they also have half price margaritas. That means I can get a whole pitcher for $11. I almost had to uber from the Summit one night, it was amazing. Tacos and margaritas are my love language, no doubt.

Some tips on keeping it gluten free- the grilled shrimp and grilled flounder are the only gluten free meats due to the seasoning used. All of the fresh toppings are gluten free, as are the salsas. Since the sauces change and vary with location, ask your server on them.

They also offer a low carb “skinny margarita”, which I love. Overly sugary alcoholic beverages make me feel sick, and often give me a sugar hangover the next day. The skinny margaritas are just booze, lime juice and club soda. Pretty much all I ever drink.


There are only a few Taco Mamas at the moment, at the Summit, Homewood and Tuscaloosa, but hopefully more restaurants will be opening soon, especially in Auburn. It’s easy, margarita-filled deliciousness.


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